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Participating in volunteer activities while in residential treatment is an important part of preparing for social reintegration. Here’s a first-hand account of a volunteer experience from a 16-year old Portage Elora resident.

This July, the Kitchen in the Park Project (KIPP) in Elora hosted a wonderful event. It consisted of homemade pizza and live music by local artists, and it was a success with over two hundred pizzas made.


It was a privilege for five male residents to attend and volunteer our time and efforts. We had to work as a team to roll pizza dough, top pizzas with dozens of toppings, and cut and serve the finished product. Determination and hard work were two skills that myself and the other residents used. Cooking that many pizzas is not easy! But we stuck to it and accomplished exactly what we had set out to do.


On top of that, we had fun and really enjoyed connecting with the community. On behalf of the residents that attended I would like to thank KIPP Elora for providing us with this opportunity as well as the town of Elora for the kindness shown to us. We cannot wait to return.

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