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Les Journées de la persévérance scolaire, which is taking place in Québec from February 13 to 19, 2012, celebrates youth perseverance in school and raises awareness about student retention. Throughout the week, as it does all year long, Portage is celebrating the success of its residents at Portage Academy, the on-site school programming provided at all Portage substance abuse rehabilitation centres for youth.

Residents and staff members have been wearing the green and white ribbon to show their commitment to staying in school and to encouraging others to do the same. Taken from the official website, the ribbon signifies the following:

The green symbolises youth and hope. It represents the youth who need recognition and a sense of value in order to persevere. The white, a combination of all the colours, is the metaphor for the community that contributes to youth development. The two ribbons, intertwined represent the link that unites them. The look, open towards infinity, is the promise of a better future.

Whereas in the past many Portage residents have struggled with school and some have even abandoned their studies altogether, Portage Academy helps them rediscover their academic abilities and often reawakens the drive to complete secondary school and even to go on to post-secondary studies.

The use of small classes and progressive techniques by Portage Academy’s specialised and dedicated teachers facilitates the learning process for residents. Students are motivated by the encouragement they receive.

Portage is proud of its residents’ success at Portage Academy. Many of them go back to school and receive their high school diploma after completing their substance abuse rehabilitation therapy.

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