About Portage


February 14, 2014 marked the 41st anniversary since the first Portage centre in Prévost opened its doors to its first group of residents who were looking to overcome their addiction issues and take back control of their lives. Since then, Portage’s rehabilitation services have expanded to respond to the needs of people with substance abuse issues across Québec, in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and British Columbia.

Every year on Metamorphosis Day, Portage centres across the country celebrate the tens of thousands of lives that Portage has affected.

A big celebration was held at the original Portage site in Prévost. All the residents and staff members were in attendance, along with partners and friends of Portage for a special lunch, prepared and served by the centre’s chefs and their team of resident sous-chefs. The directors spoke to the group, and then the residents took over the entertainment, with songs, poems, and touching testimonials.

Similar events were held in each of Portage’s rehabilitation centres.

Thank you to all those people who have made Portage such a special place. Thank you to our staff team, our board members, and all of our partners and donors for making treatment at Portage possible.