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February 14th, the anniversary of the opening of Portage’s first substance abuse rehabilitation centre in Prévost, Québec, is known as Metamorphosis Day at Portage. It is a day for all members of the Portage community to celebrate the transformation that the residents undergo during their rehabilitation treatment.

All Portage centres across Canada celebrate the event in their own way.

The largest celebration was held at the Portage’s original centre in Prévost, near lac Écho. More than 250 people – residents, staff members, Board Members, and other friends of Portage were on hand to enjoy a community lunch and to watch the shows put on by the residents.

“After 38 years of service, Portage has many things to be thankful for and many reasons to celebrate: our roots in the community, our devoted and talented team of employees, and the success of our clients – tens of thousands of people who have overcome enormous challenges to change their lives and once again become active and productive citizens in their communities,” said Portage’s President, Mr. Peter A. Howlett, after the lunch.

At Portage’s Day Centre in Québec City, participants and staff members celebrated Metamorphosis Day with a hot dog lunch, during which a staff member talked about his journey to overcoming his drug addiction problems. Participants then took part in a drawing workshop, named “Papillon”. They each made two drawings – one of how they perceived themselves before coming to Portage, and another of how they feel now that they are in treatment.

At the Cassidy Lake rehabilitation centre for adolescents in New Brunswick, the facility director began by giving a presentation on the history of Portage and then showed a video of the recent transformation at Cassidy Lake. Images of the centre were shown from throughout the years, depicting the original site and the construction of the new buildings. The residents were amazed by the transformation. The girls’ and boys’ communities then came toe to toe with a trivia game of “Que le meilleur gagne”. Celebrations at Cassidy Lake came to a close with cake a movie.

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