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Portage is very grateful to be a beneficiary of the KPMG à l’œuvre program, a corporate social responsibility initiative in which 90% of KPMG Montréal employees take part. Throughout the month of October, the employees are given the opportunity devote one work day to volunteering at a local non-profit community organisation.

On October 15, 2010, a group of thirty KPMG employees got their hands dirty at the Portage centre in Prévost in the Laurentian Mountains of Québec. Working in small teams, they helped perform numerous chores around the property, including cleaning out the undergrowth, painting, and preparing the skating rink and the houses for the winter. The volunteers got to share a meal with the residents and speak to them directly about their rehabilitation at Portage.

According to Mr. Laurent Giguère, an Associate at KPMG and a member of the Portage Campaign Committee, the KPMG employees who participated were very moved by the experience.

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