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On March 8, 2010, the residents of Portage Beaconsfield marked International Women’s Day with several activities. The main event was a presentation by female scratch artist and DJ, Killa-Jewel. She spoke to the residents about what it is like to be a woman working and competing in a male-dominated profession and about how she has managed to steer clear of substance abuse issues in spite of spending so much time in the club scene. She cited her competitive drive as a DJ and her supportive family as guiding factors in her life.

Killa-Jewel brought her turntables and mixers to the Portage centre. She performed for the residents and gave them a chance to try their hand at scratching. Residents really enjoyed the performance and participated actively in the presentation, asking a lot of questions.

Following the presentation, the women residents went out to a restaurant for dinner to celebrate International Women’s Day. All residents also watched a movie about sexualisation followed by gender-specific group discussions.

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