About Portage


Portage Beaconsfield staff members and youth have been out and about to spread the word about how the drug addiction rehabilitation centre for youth can help people to overcome addiction and take back control of their lives.

The centre’s admissions officer and several residents participated in a number of activities over the past month:

  • A presentation to an auditorium-full of students of the Riverside School Board, where two residents spoke about their experiences at Portage.
  • An emotional and impactful discussion with a group of at-risk girls at Beurling Academy, where six female residents explained how difficult life was before Portage and the value of therapy. Afterwards, they enjoyed a game of basketball together.  
  • Participating in Dorval’s Drug Addiction Prevention Days for grade 6 students in the area, where two Portage residents helped to animate an interactive kiosk about how to say no to drugs.
  • Participating in Dawson College’s Drug Awareness Day.
  • A presentation at the Kahnawake Community Centre.

Portage has helped to give the residents the self-confidence necessary to present in front of a crowd of people. Among the tools and competencies that they have been learning in treatment are how to express themselves clearly and how to manage structured activities.