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Partners in Prevention, spearheaded by the Lester B. Pearson School Board, is a committee that aims to increase parental awareness of high risk behaviours and warning signs for drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction.  Portage Beaconsfield is an active member of the group, along with the SPVM (service de police de la ville de Montréal), the RCMP, and the McGill Centre for Gambling.

At the end of March, Partners in Prevention commissioned a theatre group to put on a play at two Montréal high schools, to inform and educate parents and students about drug and alcohol abuse and how to make better choices.  Immediately after the play, members of the committee gave some informal presentations and led a discussion on the substance abuse challenges faced by many youth today.  Members of the audience were very appreciative of the initiative.  Many reiterated the importance of the play’s message and expressed their surprise that children so young are now being exposed to drugs.

Portage Beaconsfield residents volunteered at the shows, giving out the show programs and Portage brochures, and helping to set up and take down before and after the events.  They were proud to go out into the community and participate as volunteers.

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