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The knowledge, dedication, and commitment of Cassidy Lake’s multi-disciplinary staff team of teachers, clinicians, nurses, and paraprofessionals, is one of Portage Atlantic’s strongest assets. Staff members are passionately dedicated to helping the youth in their care and providing them with opportunities to grow and rediscover their true potential. While ensuring the proper functioning of the therapeutic community and the safety and security of the residents, staff members also serve as role models for the residents. Many are Portage graduates themselves, and can therefore relate extremely well to what the residents are experiencing and feeling.

Every year the members of the staff team select one of their colleagues for the Portage Atlantic Staff of the Year Award, based on their work ethic and character. This year’s recipient is Alison Burhoe. Referred to as “Mom” by many of the youth at Portage, Alison is being honoured for her generosity, empathy, integrity, and her ability to develop a rapport with people. Congratulations Alison.

To send a message of appreciation to the staff team at Cassidy Lake, please email Carol Tracey at ctracey@portage.ca.

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