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On November 14, 2012 Portage Atlantic hosted a volunteer recognition gathering at the Portage Atlantic youth addiction treatment centre at Cassidy Lake. This annual event is an opportunity for Portage to give thanks to the many generous volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to helping Portage’s cause; whether it be volunteering at a fundraising event, or coming to the centre once a week to teach yoga to the residents.

The volunteers were greeted by the youth in treatment, who voiced their gratitude and talked to the volunteers about their addiction issues and the rehabilitation process at Portage.

Geordie Gould, Portage Atlantic’s facility director, addressed the crowd to express his gratitude and to introduce two residents who performed a song for the volunteers. The residents had also prepared a painting in honour of the volunteers, which they unveiled during the event. The painting illustrates helping hands and the Portage dove, as well as the following phrase: “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart”.

The volunteers enjoyed their time at the centre, saying that it gave them an excellent insight into the good work that is being done and how the youth are progressing and evolving through their program.

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