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Two Portage Atlantic youth were invited to be on a Portage team for Portage Ontario’s Hit the Bricks Adventure Race on April 28, 2013 in Toronto.

After a long drive to Montréal, they stayed overnight with the adolescents community at Portage Prévost, and then travelled with them to Elora the following day to meet the youth in treatment there. The Portage teams then headed down to Toronto for a fun-filled day of team-building challenges that put minds and bodies to the test.

“We were all very much excited to see the activity and what it was exactly that we had been driving so long to be a part of. There were lots of people there, full of happiness and ambition, getting ready for the race,” said Nova, one of the participants from Cassidy Lake.  “The staff from Portage Atlantic and the other resident that I had travelled with to this event were cheerful, motivated, and helped make the experience even more joyful and memorable. The activities were fun and some scary but I’m glad I got the opportunity to do them.”

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