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57% of Canadian youth between the ages of 15 and 24 have used drugs at sometime in their life

Cassidy Lake, NB, November 17–21, 2014 – Portage Atlantic will join with the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) and addiction organizations across the country to mark National Addictions Awareness Week (NAAW), this year placing a particular emphasis on youth substance abuse prevention.

“Eliminating the abusive consumption of drugs and alcohol is a priority for Portage Atlantic” said Carol Tracey, Director of the Portage Atlantic Foundation “We are glad CCSA is highlighting the issue of youth substance abuse because it is what we work to solve every day at Portage Atlantic. The youth who walk through our doors are in serious need of support. Many have started using drugs at a very young age, have lost interest in personal development and are often involved in criminal activities.”

Youth 15 to 24 years old are approximately five times more likely than adults aged 25 years and older to report harm because of drug use. A substantial amount of change and growth—including significant brain growth and development—takes place during youth. Substance use and abuse during this critical time can have impacts that persist long after the high has worn off, including chronic disease, addiction and mental health disorders.

“Investing in the well-being of our children—our future leaders—is in everyone’s best interests,” said Rita Notarandrea, CCSA’s Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to celebrating the theme of youth substance abuse prevention during National Addictions Awareness Week 2014 with our many partners and stakeholders across Canada, including Portage Atlantic.”

Throughout National Addictions Awareness Week, Portage Atlantic will be highlighting the growing problem of youth substance abuse. For more information on National Addictions Awareness Week, please visit its website. You can also join the dialogue over social media by following @PortageAtlantic and @CCSAcanada and by using the hashtag #NAAWCanada.

About Portage

Since it was established in 1970, Portage has helped tens of thousands of people to overcome their substance abuse issues. It provides a variety of services tailored to the needs of its specific clienteles: adults, adolescents, mothers with young children and pregnant women, and people suffering from both drug addiction and mental illness. Portage operates ten substance abuse treatment centres across Canada: in Québec, Ontario, British Columbia, and in New Brunswick for Atlantic Canadian youth between the ages of 14 and 21