Atlantic Lottery society - Portage Atlantic


Since 2009, Portage Atlantic has been hosting Community Breakfast events in various communities around Atlantic Canada, to inform and educate community members about Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation program for youth at Cassidy Lake, in New Brunswick. This awareness-building Community Breakfast series has been made possible by a sponsorship from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC).

On October 28, 2015, Portage Atlantic held a Community Breakfast at ALC Head Office, to thank and at the same time better inform ALC employees about the program that the company has supporting over the years. ALC President and CEO, Mr. Brent Scrimshaw, welcomed fifty staff members to the breakfast. For many of them, it was the first time they learned about the Portage Program, its therapeutic community model, and about Portage Atlantic’s history and services. They were all impressed by the testimonial of a youth currently in treatment at Portage, who stood up in front of the room to speak about his life story and his recovery process.

Carol Tracey, Portage Atlantic’s Director of Corporate Development, expressed Portage’s gratitude to Atlantic Lottery Corporation for its contribution to helping youth in need get access to drug addiction rehabilitation. The Community Breakfast series, which has created awareness about youth drug addiction and rehabilitation throughout Atlantic Canada, would not have been possible without ALC’s support.

Another Portage youth recited the Portage Resident’s Creed at the end of the event.

Photo: Carol Tracey, Portage Atlantic Director of Corporate Development, Amber Parlee, Portage Atlantic Counsellor, Jason Portage Atlantic resident, Brent Scrimshaw, ALC President and CEO, Janson, Portage Atlantic resident, and Kim Wilson , Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility at ALC.