About Portage


While in residential treatment, Portage seeks to help residents understand that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand and hand, with regular time set aside for recreational and sporting activities.

As of this winter, Portage Prévost now has a Physical Education teacher coming to the centre once a day from Monday to Friday to provide an hour of structured programming for each of the communities: women, men, adolescent boys, and adolescent girls.

The only exception is on Friday for the adolescent communities, who continue their physical training with Steve O’Brien once a week, an Olympian and track and field champion who heads up the Steve O’Brien Foundation in support of local athletes and youth programs.  Steve has been working with Portage’s youth communities for over a year now.

The new physical education teacher, who covers the rest of the week, is from the Rivière du Nord School Board, with whom Portage Prévost works to provide its on-site school programming.