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In 2009, Frank Hartt of NB Power contacted Portage Atlantic to propose a pilot project whereby he offered the use of his company’s “Pathfinder” Program to Cassidy Lake residents. The Pathfinder Program is a tool to help individuals explore ideas for potential career paths, asking them about their interests and skills in order to make career suggestions. The program was previously only available to NB Power employees and their families.

Portage Atlantic has now been running the Pathfinder program for one year and approximately forty Cassidy Lake residents and staff members have gone through the process. By all accounts, the personality profiles results are very accurate.

The Pathfinder program asks Cassidy Lake participants to answer a series of questions via a secure website. Through a process of mapping behaviours, interests, and likes and dislikes, the program helps the individual start to formulate a view of possible future opportunities and challenges. During a final meeting with a facilitator from NB Power, career choices are suggested based on the client profile and the client is empowered to begin envisioning and working towards a major life goal.

“For some of the youth who have completed the survey, their career choices were bang on; for others who haven’t given much thought about a career, it has given them some options to think about as well as incentive to pursue the education they might require,” said Cassidy Lake Education Coordinator, Randy Davis. “This is a wonderful opportunity for the youth at Cassidy Lake”.

Davis would like to see the Pathfinder project extended.

“We have one more year to go on this pilot project. I hope somewhere down the road this service will be available to all Portage adolescent centres as I believe it provides a very valuable service and certainly ties in nicely with what we are trying to accomplish with our youth – to provide them with hope for the future.”

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