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Portage Beaconsfield residents wrote the following poems that they performed at the 2012 Partners and Prevention awareness evenings entitled Through the Voice of Teens… Stories of Hardship and Hope. The poems are messages to themselves at a younger age and are meant to help younger teenagers and pre-teens avoid the hardships that the authors have faced because of their experiences with drugs.

Lost little me

Dearest lost lovely little me. I’m writing you this so you may someday see how life is now and what it could end up to be. Please choose the right way and not the path of misery
You are so youthful and innocent, but in desperate need of hope and confidence. I know you struggle at school and at home and my words of help to you are in this poem.
No matter what you see feel or hear, please know that someone is always near. Believe not in other but in yourself. Never be afraid to grasp offered help.
Remember that no matter how hard it rains, the sun always shines somewhere giving a brighter day.
Real friends are so hard to find. When they betray you leave them behind. Don’t resort to the bottle or the cigarettes. Trust me when I say they will never help you forget. Be strong get through the pain.
Take it slow, day by day. These years will be the toughest, yet choose your friends wisely. Believe in yourself, you come first, take care of how you feel.
Life will get better without drugs, it’ll be real. Forget what people say about you. That’s wrong they’re only jealous because you’re so damn strong, I know it.
– Luna, Age 16

Janis Joplin’s Apprentice

You’re beautiful, funny, and smart, but then again you knew that from the start.
Don’t lose yourself when the going gets tough. Mom and dad weren’t right for each other from the start.
Don’t let your values slip just for your fix. Cocaine and boys won’t mix.
Boys will lie to get with you, girls will gossip just to break you.
Don’t sell yourself short you’re stronger than you think. Don’t close your eyes, life will pass in a blink.
That empty hole you feel inside won’t get better with the drugs. It will hurt 10 times over if you do not overcome.
God will keep you safe in his embrace, stay strong keep your faith.
Time will come and go. Men will come in and out, you will get sick too.
But remember you’re strong, behave.
Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, how you’ll wish to be like them, but don’t let their destiny affect you the same.
Remember one thing: self respect will always be there. Dig a little deeper, babe, you’ll find it there. Love love love yourself, your worth it you know.
God graced you with an amazing memory, so remember what mama said: don’t do drugs stay away. I love you.
– Michaela, Age 17

To 12 year old me

You’re so unique and you don’t even know it yet. Give it a chance to show, give it time to set.
You’re still young and there’s so much left in life to realize.
Don’t grow up to fast because there really is no prize.
When mom asks what’s wrong, tell her because she cares.
Don’t be embarrassed by her no matter how she looks or what she wears.
You’re beautiful and talented, what people say is true.
You’re born to be a leader, even after all you’ve been through.
Don’t lose time on being angry for too long.
Because from then till now you’ve always been strong.
Learn to appreciate all that you’ve got and the people who love you.
True family will never give up, no matter what you put them through.
Don’t focus so much on how you look, dress, or act.
The people who love you most aren’t around because your looks attract.
When mom wants a kiss, don’t make her wait long.
Because she loves you and you don’t really know what you got till it’s gone.
So smile and be yourself: young, happy, and free.
Because in the end it’s who you were truly meant to be.
– Michelle, Age 16

Lil homie

Hey lil homie, don’t try to grow up too fast. Chill with your real friends, don’t grow up to quick or you could end up where
I’m at. So remember this: live in the moment, don’t try not to be another component, another pawn in this chess game. So make the right moves so you don’t end up useless and lame.
And you don’t have to make your mother suffer. The pain of losing your mom, your dad, or your siblings – remember that when you get older. Don’t suffer the same way I did so you don’t have to sleep on park benches and beg for change.
I’m telling you to listen. Live in the moment cook with your mom play, with your lil bro, read him to sleep before you lose the chance to chill with your family. When you see older people doing it, just turn so you don’t end up like me,
without any family crying every night at rehab and don’t be afraid to kiss your mom when she ask you for. And keep your head up high and make sure you live those good moments and be young while you can and one love.
– Troi, Age 16


If only I would’ve known the truth about drugs, alcohol and lies, only then would I have known to choose not to throw away my life.
The guilt, secrecy, and loneliness was eating at my soul my pride, love and cleanliness disappeared, I had no goal. Only now do I really realize how much I want to live today.
So I hope that I can open your eyes and help you get through your days. You need to just love yourself for who you really are.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Believe that you can go far. We all have potential so great we just have to choose to use it. Remember that there are people who can relate. Your true self, don’t ever lose it.
If only I would’ve been stronger and learned to trust. Instead I just want you all to live longer, I just hope you listened to what I’ve said.
– Charissa, Age 15

From me to you

Sometime things are what they are for no good reason at all, so you gotta learn to deal with them without letting yourself fall up and down. You will go without knowing how to feel day after day. You will know how to tell when something’s real and through it all you’ll question who you really are, who you were meant to be, what was written in the stars over and over again, that hope will finally die. For you know you lost yourself but now it’s time to find out why. Was it the sun that shone too bright or the rain that never ceased? Was it the time from day to night that made you ill at ease? No matter what it was, only strength can see you through and I know all this because I’m going through it too. We all know what to do to make ourselves feel well. We just have to choose and then we have to tell. Open up our hearts to those who want to help us heal. Be honest from the start, tell them how you really feel. Cause I know you are here today for a reason or another, so just know that I say there’s no reason for you to suffer since happiness is inside us all, though sometimes hard to find. So just listen to your call, you won’t get left behind, I promise.
– Charissa, Age 15

An Alcoholic’s Poem

Times weren’t always that dark, you know. I used to be happy didn’t last that long though.
If we still been a family, keep the love strong, my life wouldn’t have took such a turn for the wrong. I started to cry and see what my life had become, that’s where it all started with that 1 shot of rum.
All the screaming and fighting stays engraved in my mind. Losing myself was the hardest thing to find. What if daddy never called me a bitch? Maybe I would have never landed in this ditch. But then again, what if my mom loved me more? Then maybe she wouldn’t be with a man who calls her a whore.
Day after day the pain got more clear, but I needed it to get blurry so I turned to beer.  When that wasn’t enough, I never called it truce. I wanted the next best thing – a bottle of grey goose. All the drunken memories.
I can only remember black. That short escape from reality, never wanting to come back. The weed made it go down smoother, and the crack just got me more high, but the booze was the only thing that could take me to the sky. Then the buzz goes down and all I feel is pain. The hurting of losing all this time in my life that I can never regain.
After the headaches and vomiting, nothing feels dandy. That’s when I reach for the stock 84 brandy repeating the same routine day after day, tired of feeling crappy I cry and I start to ask God if I’ll ever be happy….
– Michelle


It’s ok to cry you know. To let everything you’re feeling come out of your eyes.
It’s not wrong to feel how you’re feeling, but nor is it right. It’s time to be fixed, to be healed, and handed back to the world all brand new.
There’s no reason to pretend you’re fine, to put a smile on your face to not let on to the real emotions you feel.
There will always be someone there, even if it’s just to pat your back rub or even give you a hug.
It’s a motivation not to give up, to always go to stand in the middle and stop while everything around you continues to go.
You are who you are, not anyone else. Accept it and embrace it, don’t you ever forget it. Brighter days are coming, all you have to do is wait.
– Lana, Age 15

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