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The Portage Ontario Board is pleased to welcome three new members: Matthew Standish, Diane Stoneman, and Michael Mundy.

Matthew Standish
Matthew is a partner and founder of Everest Management Networks Inc. and has been in the recruitment and staffing industry since 1983. A University of Western Ontario graduate, he has also earned his CPC and served for many years on the APPAC (now ACSESS) Ontario Board of Directors.

“As parents, imagine knowing your child is suffering and in pain but you’re helpless to stop it! We’ve experienced this nightmare, and whether it’s an addiction problem or some other form of disease, as in our case, the havoc and heartbreak to families is very real. I believe Portage Ontario makes a difference and helps families wake up from the nightmare.”
– Matthew Standish

Diane Stoneman
Diane has been working in the financial service industry for 19 years; the past 16 years of which have been with MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier Inc. Diane is originally from Montréal and attended Concordia University to obtain her Commerce degree. She is both a certified financial planner and portfolio manager.

“Portage provides the resources that youth need to get that second or third chance. I am thrilled to be part of the Portage Ontario Board and I look forward to raising awareness about this excellent organisation.”
– Diane Stoneman

Michael Mundy

Michael is a Partner at Odgers Berndtson in Toronto, with extensive executive search experience in a wide range of industries throughout both Canada and the United States. Michael holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree from Trent University and sits on the Board of Directors for the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce.

“Addiction is something that has touched many of us at some point in our lives; whether a family member, a neighbour or a colleague at work. We have all see devastating effects to families and the community at large. When I was asked to be a part of this wonderful organisation, I was delighted to help drive awareness, funding and hope for those afflicted with addiction. I am a big believer that all people, especially young people, deserve dignity, self respect and sense of personal self worth.”
– Micheal Mundy

Portage Ontario is most appreciative of our new Board Members’ involvement and their interest in lending their expertise and various resources to Portage’s mission.

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