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Portage is currently in the process of establishing a new ECO-Portage team, whose mission will be to come up with strategies to help Portage’s rehabilitation centres become more environmentally-friendly. From recycling to waste reduction and water conservation, this committee – composed of staff members and members of the Residents’ Committee – will help Portage establish an organisation-wide sustainable development policy.

On May 15, Portage Beaconsfield residents will participate in an HSBC-sponsored biodiversity event on Mount Royal. In the morning, they will take part in a discussion workshop led by Evergreen, a Canadian organisation that subsidises and leads urban greening projects. In the afternoon, they will work with Les Amis de la Montagne to plant trees and cut down invasive plants on Mount Royal. This event is a great opportunity for the youth to contribute to an environmental conservation project while discussing the importance and challenges of urban biodiversity.

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