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During National Addictions Awareness Week, which runs from November 18 to 24, Portage is seeking to raise awareness about the co-occurrence of mental health problems and substance abuse, by putting the spotlight on its program for Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers (MICA). Throughout the week, Portage will be posting information on its social networking pages to illustrate the challenge that people with these co-occurring problems face.

According to the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health, many people with both mental illness and addiction problems complain that they are often bounced back and forth between mental health and addiction services, and that neither are prepared to address both problems at once.

Since 1995, Portage’s Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers (MICA) Program has been addressing this need. The residential drug rehabilitation program helps men suffering from both mental illness (primarily schizophrenia) and substance abuse, treating the two disorders as well as their interaction.

In this video, Mathieu, a graduate of the MICA Program, explains how Portage helped him overcome his addiction problems and take back control of his life.

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