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February 14th marked the 37th anniversary of the opening of the first Portage centre in Prévost, near lac Écho. To celebrate, all Portage residents in the Montréal metropolitan region – the Mother and Child centre, the Mentally-Ill Chemical Abusers’ centre and the West Island adolescent program – attended a lunch at Lac Écho on February 16th. Close to 220 people took part in Metamorphosis Day festivities this year, celebrating the many positive transformations that residents have experienced over the years at Portage.

Numerous activities and a small show were organised and enjoyed by the residents of the different centres. They sang songs, delivered musical performances and the lac Écho residents presentated a “lib-dub”.

François Bourdon, director of the Portage centre in Prévost, near lac Écho delivered the following message to the residents in attendance:

“With all of you here today, residents of the entire Montréal metropolitan region, you can see that you are not alone in your quest towards Freedom from Addiction. Whenever you feel disheartened and are in need of inspiration, remember this day, February 16th, 2010 where together we celebrated your courage and determination.”

Happy anniversary Portage!

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