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Thank you so much for having invited members of the Golden Club to attend the 2011 Annual Recognition Day Ceremony. On behalf of those of us who were able to attend, let me say how impressed we were with the Ceremony. All aspects of the afternoon went exceptionally well from the opening musical performance by McKayla and Milah to the concluding banquet of delicious refreshments. It is challenging to organise such events and the staff at Cassidy Lake and youth did a wonderful job. Congratulations to everyone on a job done exceptionally well.

We are delighted to learn that the residents will soon be the beneficiaries of a new gymnasium. A positive body image is a major factor in the development of self-esteem; a new gym will go a long way in helping the residents develop and nourish this aspect of their characters.

There were many poignant moments in the program, but we were particularly moved by the testimonials of the parents of one of the graduates. They are two very caring, compassionate, courageous and eloquent people. One can only hope that the path which lies ahead of them contains fewer obstacles and will be less tortuous that what they have experienced in recent years. They richly deserve some “good times”.

The Fredericton Golden Club is proud of its support to Portage Atlantic. We thank you and the entire Portage family for giving us an opportunity to support the youth of New Brunswick. Keep up the good work.

Roger Acreman
President, Fredericton Golden Club

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