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Following a fire last August in the adolescent house at Portage Prévost, near lac Écho, the residents had to move into temporary accommodations. The boys’ and the girls’ dormitories as well as the dining room and some administrative offices were badly damaged by smoke. Portage made the most of the situation by renovating and improving the damaged areas. The refurbishing process was carried out throughout the winter.

The cleanup and the restoration were done in two phases: first the boys’ dormitories and the dining room, then the girls’ dormitories, and some offices and group rooms. For the girls, who just moved back into their house last May, the wait was well worth it. They now have a beautiful brand new living room and new bathrooms!

With the renovations completed and the walls freshly painted, the adolescents at Portage Prévost, près du lac Écho are now happily settled in and enjoying the pleasant new environment.

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