About Portage


The Lewis Fitness Centre Capital Campaign goes beyond bricks and mortar. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that physical activity, in combination with organised sports, has a positive impact on behavior and healthy lifestyles and improves social, emotional and physical well-being.

Over the years, Portage has observed that these activities are essential to allow youth to focus and be more attentive to the applications of the therapeutic techniques, and, as a consequence, enhance their treatment progress. Compared to their inactive peers;

• Youth are less likely to use illegal drugs and are less likely to consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes;*
• Youth have lower suicidal ideation and are less likely to attempt suicide:*
• Female youth have lower pregnancy rates, engage in sexual intercourse less frequently and have fewer partners and male youth are less likely to engage in antisocial behaviors;*
• Youth are more likely to report eating fruits or vegetables and less likely to be overweight;*
It is important to educate, encourage and motivate our youth to participate in regular physical activity. At Portage, we re-awaken their interest in physical activity so that they can continue their journey with healthy minds and bodies.
*Information made available by Statistics Canada.