Soirée Grands Philanthropes - Portage - 2015


Seven hundred guests attended Portage’s 12th annual Soirée des Grands Philanthropes to support Portage and pay tribute to Jean-Guy Desjardins, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Fiera Capital.

The event, which was held on October 1, 2015 at Montréal’s Windsor Station, was greatly enjoyed by all. With generous contribution from partners, companies, and individuals, the event raised $1.4 M net to help finance Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation programs.

Portage would like to thank the Chairman of the Honourary Committee, Mr. Andrew Molson, Chairman of the Board for Groupe conseil RES PUBLICA, and all the members of the Honourary Committee: Sylvain Brosseau, André Chagnon, Michel Dallaire, Marcel Dutil, Serge Godin, Peter A. Howlett, Jocelyne and Jean Monty, François Olivier, John A. Rae, Lino Saputo, Colette Taylor, and Louis Vachon.

Soirée hommage 2015 c

Photo : John A. Rae, Executive Vice-President, Power Corporation of Canada; Marcel Dutil, Chairman of the Board, Groupe Canam; Pierre Laporte, President, Deloitte; Serge Godin, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board, CGI; Andrew Molson, Chairman of the Board, Groupe conseil RES PUBLICA and Chairman of the Honourary Committee for the event; Claude Chagnon, President, Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon; Colette Taylor, Senior Director of Development, Portage; Jean Monty, La Fondation Libermont; Suzan Moreau Desjardins; Jean-Guy Desjardins, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Fiera Capital; Peter A. Howlett, President, Portage; Louis Vachon, President and CEO, Banque Nationale; Laurent Beaudoin, Board Member, Bombardier; Isabelle Marcoux, Chairman of the Board, TC Transcontinental.