Portage Saint-Malachie - Visite d'infirmiers en stage


On December 17, 2015, graduating nurses from the Beauce-Etchemin School Board visited Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation centre for adolescents in Saint-Malachie. The students gathered knowledge for their internship in pediatrics, where a drug-addicted clientele is often treated. The students were very pleased by their visit.

An expression of their gratitude:

“Each in your own way, you moved us… your solidarity, determination, open-mindedness, and the chemistry within your community has left a mark on our lives. Thank you to the administration for the warm welcome, you have given us the drive to work in the field of addiction treatment and shown us the importance of helping youth in distress. To each of the residents we were partnered with, we want to tell you that you will remain in our thoughts and in our hearts.”