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The winter months went by quickly at the Mother and Child centre, thanks to a pretty full schedule of exciting outings for the residents. In addition to regular outings to the pool and to do sporting activities, the residents had the chance to visit Mont Royal, a ceramics studio, and the Mission of the Great Sheperd, this February.

Les Amis de la montagne welcomed the residents for an afternoon of bird-watching on the trails of Mont Royal. “We loved being in nature… it was so beautiful to me, a girl who had never been to Mont Royal,” said Loretta. “My daughter loved looking at the birds, and it brought me back to my childhood.”

To get out of the February chill, the mothers went the Céramic Café studio for an afternoon of artistic expression. The residents were very patient and meticulous in creating their works of art. “We each ended up making something beautiful, that represents us,” said Cindy.

The mothers also went on a guided tour of the Mission of the Great Sheperd, a charitable humanitarian organisation in the neighbourhood that provides hot meals, an emergency food bank, a community store, as well as reference and counselling services.

The Barbapapas group (the children who are three to five years old) went on their first classe neige at a cabin in Venise, Québec for two days and one night. They had a fantastic time learning about ice fishing, and playing on the frozen Lake Champlain, relaxing in the spa, playing board games and hide-and-go-seek, and enjoying a delicious brunch.

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