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As part of their sociocultural activities this fall, Portage Keremeos residents enjoyed the following outings:

  • During a visit to a classic car museum, residents got a behind the scenes tour of the restoration process by looking at pictures of the cars in wrecked condition and then at the steps taken by the museum to refurbish them. Residents understood the link to their own recovery: though it may take a lot of time and hard work, great transformations are possible.
  • On Thanksgiving Monday, several residents volunteered at the Grist Mill Apple Festival, sporting period costumes from the pioneer days and helping the young children with the activities and games. These types of social reintegration activities give the residents the opportunity to learn about community involvement and experience how it feels to give back.
  • On October 16, several residents who are planning to stay in the area after they complete their rehabilitation program attended a job fair at Apex Ski Hill, to learn about job opportunities for this winter.


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