About Portage


Portage Atlantic, in partnership with Bridges of Canada and Addiction and Mental Health NB, took part in Recovery Day festivities at Fredericton City Hall on September 17, celebrating all those who have overcome drug addiction and taken back control of their lives. Mayor Brad Woodside, who is also a Portage Atlantic board member, kicked off the event by reading the Recovery Day Proclamation, followed by the guest speaker and members of the audience who shared their stories of recovery.

Twenty-four Canadian cities participated in Recovery Day this year, three years after the movement began in Canada. The initiative seeks to encourage recovered addicts to speak proudly about the transformation they have made in their lives, while highlighting the importance of addiction rehabilitation treatment and inspiring people to seek the help they need to take back control of their lives.

Portage Atlantic, Portage Québec, and Portage Ontario participated in the Recovery Day rallies in Fredericton, Montréal, and Toronto respectively, lending a voice to the call to end the stigma around addiction.

“We aren’t in addiction alone, so we don’t recover alone,” said Annie McCullough, executive director of Faces and Voices of Recovery Canada, which organises Recovery Day. “Whether we like it or not, there is still discrimination. We put a face on recovery and we are advocating for it because recovery works.”