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Since the end of last November, Portage’s Employment Reintegration Program in Québec City has entered into partnerships with several local organisations and employers to help ten people under the age of 30, who have undergone drug addiction rehabilitation therapy and are now clean, to integrate into the workplace and to maintain a job until October 14, 2011. Throughout last December, the centre built partnerships with different local rehabilitation organisations from which they have been recruiting participants.

The project is being carried out with Service Canada and includes a wage subsidy of 60% of the participant’s salary. It aims to help participants develop employment competencies, interpersonal skills, autonomy, and to consolidate what they learned in rehabilitation treatment.

The «En emploi… Moi j’y crois!» project has a three-pronged approach: integration into the workplace and continued employment; participation in group employment workshops; and individual monitoring and support in the workplace.

The Portage-Québec administration would like to thank Marie-Josée Gignac and Émilie St-Onge for the excellent work they carry out every day with the young people in the program, helping them to restore faith in their employment capabilities.

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