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In the field of addiction treatment, the needs of clients are continually evolving. To manage the changing landscape, Portage has been adapting its service offering over the years and providing new training and development opportunities to its staff members in order to comply with best practices. Most recently, Portage Keremeos is working to train its staff members in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), a type of therapy that reinforces Portage’s treatment focus on mindfulness and being in the present.

“Some of our residents are challenged by eating disorders, self-injury, depression, high anxiety, and suicidal tendencies,” says Diane Power-Jeans, Director of Portage Keremeos. “Adding Dialectical Behaviour Therapy to the Portage treatment regimen can help clients learn how to better react to stressful situations.”

Some of these clients are very hard on themselves, and have trouble seeing things from different perspectives or understanding that two seemingly opposite things can be true at the same time. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy can help people step back from a situation in order to see it from a variety of perspectives, and thus be able to digest it in a more rational manner. This in turn can facilitate the acquisition of the social competencies that the Portage Program seeks to instill in its clients.

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