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On August 24th, Portage Prévost residents, staff members, and guests welcomed Marcelle and Jean Coutu, as they presided over the dedication of the adolescents’ pavilion that now bears their name: Pavillon Marcelle & Jean Coutu.

“Thanks to the exemplary generosity of these founders and great partners of Portage, we have implemented programs that have had, and continue to have, great influence on thousands of adolescents struggling with substance abuse problems, and who too often drop out of school,” stated Peter Howlett, President of Portage, in a brief address.

“Portage would like to express our profound gratitude to the Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu, which has allowed us to give all of these adolescents who come to Portage a second chance to restore meaning to their lives.”



 Jean and Marcelle Coutu in front of Portage Prévost’s adolescents’ pavilion, now named the Pavillon Marcelle et Jean Coutu

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