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On September 30, 2012, more than five hundred people took part in Vancouver’s first-ever “Rally for Recovery” at the Vancouver Art Gallery, celebrating the many people who have been able to overcome their addiction issues and turn their lives around. Portage BC was there to celebrate the recovery of the many youth who have completed the residential substance abuse treatment program at Portage Keremeos and are now back in their home communities, leading productive and positive lifestyles.

The Recovery Day event in Vancouver was an opportunity for the community to get together and talk about the value of rehabilitation treatment and the positive impact it has on individuals, families, and society. The many “stories of gratitude” that were shared with the crowd reinforced the fact that addiction rehabilitation treatment works and highlighted the importance of timely access to treatment facilities for those in need.

Portage staff members manned a booth, where they had the chance to share inspiring stories about the youth at Portage Keremeos with visitors and passersby, including Vancouver City Counsellor Geoff Meggs, Member of Parliament John Weston, and Lorne Mayencourt from the Premier’s office.

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