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After spending a year in what was once a ski chalet, Portage Saint-Malachie undertook a major renovation and building project in order to better respond to the needs of the adolescent residents and the staff members.

The original building got a complete facelift. The exterior was stripped and rebuilt and new windows were put in. The kitchen and the offices were renovated, the bedrooms were painted, air conditioning was installed, and the basement classrooms were completed.

At the same time, a new building was erected behind the main building to house the girls’ community, which had been previously living in temporary trailers. The roof, the windows, and the plumbing have all been completed. Only the electricity and a few other details must be taken care of before the girls can move into the building in February. In the meantime, a separate section of the second floor of the main building was created for four bedrooms for the girls.

The Portage Saint-Malachie residents were transferred to the Portage centre in Prévost during the nine weeks of construction. The two communities spent two intense months together, sharing their experiences to help both grow and evolve.

The Portage Saint-Malachie community headed back to their centre on November 26. The residents and staff members are thrilled with the incredible transformation of their centre.

The construction project was made possible by Portage’s three year Capital Campaign, “Reconstruire des vies”.

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