Programme mère-enfant de Portage - Boy's club


The men who work at Portage’s Mother and Child drug addiction rehabilitation centre have launched a “Boys Club” for the young boys in treatment with their mothers. Recognising that many of them do not have solid male figures in their lives, and those that do often have problematic relationships with them, the male staff members have stepped up to be able to give them opportunities to better experience boyhood, with activities geared more specifically to boys.

“For whatever reason, there are always more girls at the Mother and Child centre than boys, so there has been a natural tendency towards more toys and activities geared for girls," explains Patrick Varin, Unit Manager at the Mother and Child Centre. "The male staff members are there for the girls as much as we are for the boys, but boys often need more from male role models in their lives.”

On March 2, the Mother and Child centre celebrated the official opening of the “Boys Club”. All the boys and male staff members wore special t-shirts, and the mothers helped their sons sign the “Boys Club” book with their hand print.