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On April 18, Portage BC had the opportunity to deliver a presentation to fifteen members of BC’s non-ministerial caucus about the Portage residential rehabilitation centre in Keremeos. Ginger, a Portage Keremeos graduate, told the MLA’s about her struggles with addiction, and about how Portage has helped her to regain control over her life and her future:

“I like to think of Portage as my stepping stone to success. Without all the values, hard-earned lessons, and opportunities (or second chances), I would definitely not be where I am today. I use the idea of a stepping stone because Portage lays down a foundation and creates a path that has allowed me to walk towards freedom – yet it is still always my decision to work and take the steps. Some days, the steps are easy, stable, and brisk. Other days, it is hard to walk, and I am tired or lazy. In the last two years, I have learned that all these things take time and endurance, and Portage has made it possible for me to move forward in life!”

The MLA’s were very impressed by this young lady, who was the recipient of the Portage Bursary Grant Honouring Central City Foundation at the Portage BC Recognition Ceremony this year. She has been accepted to both the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University and will be commencing her studies at SFU in the fall. The MLA’s were very interested in Portage’s addiction rehabilitation program and were happy to know that BC youth have access to a long-term residential rehabilitation service.

Portage is grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with these government officials as we continue to build awareness about the program, to help address this pressing need among BC youth.

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