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The Lewis Fitness Centre will help instill in youth the value of physical activity, and help them understand its positive impact on their behaviors and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle. Engaging in sports and physical activities on a daily basis helps to improve the social, emotional, and physical well-being of Portage Atlantic residents. Approximately 150 youth per year will benefit from the new centre.

Centre Lewis


The facility will include a gymnasium and a fully equipped exercise room, where teens can work out according to their capability and strength. It will have great value for the Portage drug addiction rehabilitation program in New Brunswick since it will be used and appreciated by many residents over the years.



The official opening of the Fitness Centre will be held in the fall of 2017. Members of the Portage Atlantic Board visited the site on May 28, 2017. For more information about the Lewis Fitness Centre and  fundraising for the facility , see https://portage.ca/news-releases/portage-atlantic-sod-turning-ceremony-new-fitness-centre-youth-drug-rehab-treatment/