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Portage Atlantic youth conquer addiction

At age 16,
Eric Rice started partying. One might say “boys will be boys,” but for Rice
things went beyond just a little weekend fun. Soon he was drinking, smoking and
popping pills regularly. Things got real heavy in late 2011,when Rice was
arrested. “I ended going down the wrong path, hanging out with the wrong people
and then one thing led to another,” Rice said. Then the Salisbury area resident
found Portage. “When I was arrested, I ended up going through the alternative
measures program, and it was there where I went through Portage as an addict,”
Rice said. “At first I just didn’t want to be there; I hated everything about
it. I don’t even think there are words to describe how I felt. My nerves were
just shot, and then I had all these people I didn’t know asking me about my
life.” Read more …