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In 2011, Portage Ontario received a generous grant from AstraZeneca in support of the Continuing Care and Family Programs for Portage Elora residents. Thanks to this support, Portage has been able to provide more comprehensive assistance to youth following their treatment at the residential rehabilitation centre in Elora. Over this past year, the Continuing Care Program supported close to 60 youth as they worked through the challenging issues that can often arise when reintegrating back into mainstream society.

Through the Continuing Care Program, case managers and counsellors maintain regular contact with the youth during their transition, to support them and encourage them to employ the strategies and skills that they have learned at Portage. Case managers can also arrange “back-in-touch” visits, as needed, for their clients, during which the youth return to the Elora centre to get back to basics and regain their strength from the therapeutic community and peer support.

The AstraZeneca grant has also enabled the Portage team to be more active in identifying and forming partnerships with community agencies across Ontario that can provide additional support for youth once they have completed the residential phase of their treatment at Portage.

With AstraZeneca’s continued support in 2012, and hopefully additional support from new sponsors, Portage will seek to further expand its partnerships with community agencies to be able to offer regular group and family sessions in communities throughout Ontario.

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