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For several months now, Portage’s Day Centre in Québec City has been offering an art therapy program, lead by local painting teacher, Nicole Beaudet. She volunteers her time to teach the classes at Portage twice a month.

Though Nicole provides the participants with themes and guidelines to follow, they are given a lot of artistic freedom to express their emotions and feelings in their work. “Family” was a recent theme interpreted by participants. The paintings are now hanging proudly on the centre’s walls. Following the workshop, the teacher leads a group discussion to help participants analyse their paintings and drawings and express the emotions that they felt while creating them.

Though some individuals have shown resistance when first beginning the program, once immersed in it, the participants’ reactions have been extremely positive. They find the classes can be fairly emotional, giving them greater insight into their feelings and their drug addiction treatment.

Art therapy is one element of the socio-cultural programming at the Day Centre in Québec City. Monthly visits to various Québec City museums are another one. A new program will soon be launched by the centre: community kitchen courses. These workshops, which will also be run by Nicole Beaudet, will take place once of month.


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