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The Art for Healing Foundation, a non-profit organisation that facilitates the donation of artwork to hospitals and long-term residential health care centres, has coordinated donations of artwork to several of Portage’s substance abuse rehabilitation centres over the past few years, livening up the hallways and lifting the spirits of the residents in treatment. This fall, the Art for Healing Foundation visited Portage’s head office in Montréal, and outfitted the building with another set of beautiful paintings. Head office employees, who work behind the scenes to ensure the proper functioning of Portage centres across Canada, are delighted by the new dynamism of the building’s hallways.

The Art for Healing Foundation’s mission is to bring the healing power of art to hospitals and wellness facilities, transforming what can be sterile public and patient areas into inspiring environments that encourage a sense of serenity and hope for patients, their families, and healthcare providers. Its co-founders, Earl Pinchuk and Gary Blair, are facilitators between artists who wish to donate their works and non-profit organisations that provide healthcare services.

“We are very proud of the collaboration that we have developed with Mr. Pinchuk, of the interest that the Art for Healing Foundation has shown in our organisation, and especially for how it has contributed to the well-being of our residents,” says Peter Howlett, President of Portage.

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