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The wide variety of activities for the children at Portage’s Mother and Child Centre provide them with important learning and growing opportunities.

At the end of January, a representative from The War Amps, Isabelle Vermette, sat down with the children at the centre to present her organisation’s message. She explained what it is like to live with an amputated limb and she brought some prostheses that she let the children touch and examine. They then watched a video about how important it is to put safety first. While they were addressing the theme of personal challenges and differences, the group also had a discussion about the difficulties faced by people who are blind, deaf, or have other handicaps. To better help the children understand what it is like to face these challenges, they all tried eating with one hand, doing an obstacle course with a blind-fold on, and learned a little bit of sign language. The children were very attentive and interested in the entire workshop.

Among other recent activities, the children greatly enjoyed a visit to the “Toys” exhibit at the McCord Museum as well as the collaborative construction of a gingerbread train at the centre.

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