About Portage


While in drug addiction rehabilitation treatment, the pregnant women and mothers with young children at Portage’s Mother and Child centre are learning about the benefits of daily physical exercise. Every day, time is set aside for them to train in the centre’s mini-gym or to take an aerobics class with one of the centre’s counsellors, who is also an aerobics instructor.

The mothers also have the opportunity to participate in a weekly Flamenco class at Aqui Estoy, and a boxing class at Hardknox. Both of these training centres welcome the Mother and Child residents free of charge.

The women look forward to their weekly class; half of them dance and the other half box. In addition to the benefits of the cardio and toning elements, the dance classes give them the opportunity to reconnect with their femininity and the boxing classes help build up their self-confidence.

Portage is very grateful to both these training centres for their support, which is helping the mothers in rehabilitation treatment to take back control of their lives.