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April 21 to 27 is volunteer week, and the entire Portage team would like to recognise and thank all of our volunteers across Canada, for their devotion to Portage and for all that they to do help Portage provide substance abuse rehabilitation services to people in need.

Volunteers are an integral part of Portage. Without the support of individuals, organisations, businesses, and a dedicated Board of Trustees and regional Boards of Governors, Portage would be a very different organisation – undoubtedly one with fewer successes to share.

Portage is by, for, and of the community, and is greatly involved in the communities in which it offers services. Whether it be volunteering at a fundraising event, or coming to the centre once a week to teach yoga to the residents, every Portage volunteer contributes to strengthening the community, by helping Portage’s clients reintegrate back into society as productive citizens.

Portage is very proud to be able to recognise and thank its volunteers for the generous support it receives year after year.

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