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As Portage celebrates its 40th anniversary this week, we would like to take this opportunity to thank every member of the Portage family for supporting us and helping us along our path to sobriety over the past four decades.

Thousands of us have walked through Portage’s doors, hoping to change our lives and leave behind our darkest days that were consumed by drug abuse. Portage helped us find ourselves and become who we really are meant to be, and to be able to enjoy happy and healthy lifestyles with our loved ones. As graduates, we are now active members of society and we contribute to the well-being of our community, living the values we learned in treatment every day.

The effectiveness of the Portage Program is a testament to the expertise that the organisation has developed over the years. Its focus on constant evaluation and on adapting to emerging needs has resulted in the establishment of new and innovative addiction treatment programs over the years, such as the Mother and Child Program and the Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers Program.

We would like to acknowledge the support of the many partner organisations that have collaborated with Portage throughout its history, as well as the organisation’s government partners that have been central to securing Portage’s programs and ensuring that those in need have access to services. Portage has also been blessed by the generosity of countless individual and corporate donations over the years, as well as the support of volunteers, governors, and board members who are so admirably devoted to the cause.

The collaboration of all of these individuals and organisations has helped make Portage possible, and in turn, has allowed us to regain control over our lives. On Portage’s fortieth anniversary, we would like to express our appreciation to them, and would especially like to highlight each and every Portage staff member who has worked with us personally to help us realise our worth and that we are capable of living our lives free from addiction.

Portage, on behalf of all those who have been able to turn their lives around thanks to the support and guidance you have been providing every day for forty years…thank you.

Bruce Ferguson, Portage graduate (1975), Danielle Des Marais, Portage graduate (1986), Benoit Legault, Portage graduate (1998), Olivier Fournelle, Portage graduate (2012), and the tens of thousands of people whose lives have been touched by Portage since 1973

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