Académie Portage - Réussite académique des résidents


Montréal, July 7 2016 – Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation programs for adolescents at lac Écho, Prévost, held special ceremonies to honour eight residents who recently completed their school year at Portage Academy, five of whom have completed their high school studies.

“Many of our residents have struggled in school, and some had even abandoned their studies all together,” stated Caroline Gélinas, Director of the Portage lac Écho centre. “We are grateful to be able to work with local school boards to give these youth the opportunity to get their schooling back on track, and we are so proud of all that they have accomplished.” Her sentiments were shared by the Director of Portage’s program for anglophone youth, Gaetano DiFalco.

The attention and encouragement that residents receive at Portage Academy help them to rediscover their academic abilities, often reawakening the drive to complete secondary school and even to go on to post-secondary studies. Learning programs adapted to individual needs, small class sizes, and specialised and dedicated teachers from the Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Rivière du Nord school boards are all a part of the recipe for academic success for these youth.

On June 14, residents and staff members from Portage’s program for francophone adolescents welcomed parents and the president of the school board to their academic recognition ceremony. All the youth in treatment were congratulated for their efforts and hard work at Portage Academy this past year, and three were celebrated for having completed their high school studies. Enrolled in CEGEP for the fall, the graduates have chosen to continue their studies in visual arts, business administration, and dance. Another resident, who will soon be starting a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) in building management, was also recognised.

The program for anglophone youth held their academic recognition ceremony on June 21, highlighting the four students who finished their school year, and particularly the two who have completed their high school studies.
Thanks to a generous donation from the Roaster’s Foundation, Portage was able give a special gift to each of these recognised students, which will help them in their continued studies.

Since 1973, Portage has helped thousands of people overcome their substance abuse issues. The organisation offers a multitude of services tailored to the needs of adults, adolescents, pregnant women and mothers with young children, and people with mental illness. Portage’s services, offered free of charge, are recognised and accredited by Accreditation Canada with Exemplary Standing. Portage operates drug addiction rehabilitation treatment centres in Québec, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada.

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