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Cassidy Lake, NB, February 14, 2012 – It was on February 14, 1973, that the very first Portage substance abuse rehabilitation centre opened its doors in Montréal. Thirty-nine years later Portage, which is accredited by Accreditation Canada, has treatment centers in New Brunswick, Québec, Ontario, and British Columbia, providing drug abuse treatment to some of the most vulnerable members of society; including programs for adolescents, adults, mentally ill chemical abusers, and substance-abusing mothers and their children.

Today, residents and staff members at Portage Atlantic’s Cassidy Lake treatment center for youth will be celebrating Portage’s 39th anniversary with several special activities.

“After providing fifteen years of service in Atlantic Canada, Portage Atlantic has many reasons to celebrate: our roots in the community, the dedication and commitment of our staff, and above all, the success of the Atlantic youth who have been able to overcome their addiction problems at Portage,” highlights Geordie Gould, director of the Portage Atlantic centre at Cassidy Lake.

About Portage Atlantic

Portage Atlantic is a non-profit organisation that offers residential rehabilitation treatment to adolescents between the ages of 14 and 21. Located on a 165 acre property on the shores of Cassidy Lake in New Brunswick, the centre opened its doors in 1996 to respond to the problem of substance abuse among Atlantic Canada youth. More than 1,700 youth from the Atlantic Provinces and across Canada have been treated at Portage Atlantic.

Portage is a publicly and privately funded organisation. Aside from the Portage Atlantic Foundation’s annual appeals, Portage Atlantic’s operations are funded in major part by the New Brunswick Departments of Health, Public Safety, and Education. For the most part, costs for youth coming from other provinces are covered by their respective governments.

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