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Cassidy Lake, NB, June 13, 2008 – On June 13th 2008, Portage Atlantic recognised the Capital Campaign Committee responsible for the “Making Miracles Happen” fundraiser to build a new campus style facility at the Cassidy Lake site.

During this gathering, which took place in the common room of the new boys’ dormitory, applause and laughter from the volunteers could be heard. “Being surrounded by people who made this project become reality made the afternoon very special” said Russell H.T. King, Portage Atlantic Chairman. “It is not everyday that you can sit back and actually visualize the good that you have done”.

Individual tokens of appreciation, made by residents, were presented to each volunteer. Some accepted gifts with tears and some with a great deal of satisfaction.

The campaign to raise funds for the new campus style facility, which is now in the construction phase, has required countless hours of volunteers’ time. The hard work, determination, passion and dedication of all the volunteers and staff, past and present, involved in the “Making Miracles Happen” campaign has been the most powerful ally Portage Atlantic could ask for. Russell King drew attention to the efforts of the former Portage Atlantic Board Chairman of nine years, Mr. Rod Nolan. “Without Mr. Nolan’s diligent efforts and contribution of time, this project simply would not be where it is at today”.

Thanks to the role that each volunteer has played throughout this campaign, the new campus style facility for Atlantic youth is fast becoming reality. The boys are settled in their new dormitory and the dormitory for the girls is well under way.

Portage, a not-for-profit organisation, is a leading North American addiction treatment provider with a 35-year history of successfully helping people with addictions.

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