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The adolescent community at Portage Prévost is very proud to welcome their new physical education instructor, Steve O’Brien.  An Olympian and track and field champion, Steve visits the centre to provide an hour and a half of physical education every week to both the boys’ and the girls’ community, as part of the Regroupement Courant-Nord de Québec en Forme.

He also heads up the Steve O’Brien Foundation, which organises fundraising events to support local athletes, organisations, and youth programs.  He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for a school in Lachute, and climbed Machu Picchu to help raise funds for Centraide.  On his next quest, in the spirit of Terry Fox, Steve will embark on a Cross Canada Tour in 2015, during which he will walk, run, cycle, and wheelchair across the country to raise money for school dropouts.

In his work at Portage, Steve helps the youth appreciate how physical activity can make them feel good about themselves and how it can help them focus on school and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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