The power to empower


April is the National Social Work Month and Portage is acknowledging the work and dedication of the social workers who work with residents on a daily basis. This year’s theme, proposed by the Canadian Association of Social Work, is Social Work: The Power to Empower! At Portage, the resident’s goal is to overcome their addiction and social workers are available throughout the process of rehabilitation of the residents to support them.

Social workers accompany residents of all eleven centers throughout their journey to overcome addiction. They help them to develop the confidence they need and the ability to cope with the stresses of life without resorting to drugs. Therapists and social workers work together to propose an individualized treatment plan for each client, ensuring that everyone has support tailored to their specific needs.

Higher quality health services

At Portage’s various addiction rehabilitation centres, all social workers, as well as administrative and clinical staff, received recognition from Accreditation Canada for the quality of their work. This recognition allows Portage to identify the positives and points that can be improved to provide the best care and services available to users.