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Cassidy Lake, November 22, 2016 – During National Addictions Awareness Week, which runs from November 13th to 19th, Portage Atlantic is seeking to create awareness about the important links between its addiction rehabilitation program for youth and various government support services and other non-profits with whom it works.

“Not one organisation can address these issues alone,” states Kathie Rodger, Director of the Portage Atlantic treatment centre for youth at Cassidy Lake, NB. “It takes a network of support systems to help our youth every step of the way on the road to recovery. For example, while in treatment, Portage Atlantic works together with their partners in the areas of health, justice and public safety and education to address various needs of youth in recovery.”

“When you graduate from Portage, it’s really important to have support in your community.  Whether it’s Portage Atlantic Aftercare meetings, AA meetings or other resources that are available, talking to other people who understand where you’re coming from and can relate to you really is invaluable,” said Noah Breen-Blais, a graduate of Portage Atlantic. “I liken it to throwing down anchors to keep you grounded. It shouldn’t stop there though; your support system can also include family members, friends or even your barber. I encourage everyone to throw down as many anchors as possible in the right places. I can honestly say that my “anchors” are the reason that I am able to stay sober today. With this support, I feel like I can hold down in the roughest of seas.”

Collaboration is of great importance because addiction negatively impacts individuals, families, and entire communities. The cost of substance use disorder and addiction is twofold; heart-wrenching devastation to families and billions of dollars to our economy each year, in large part because it takes away from our communities those who would otherwise be working, volunteering or going to school.

Portage Atlantic works to address the many harms of problematic substance use, and to bring hope to the lives of those with substance use disorders.” said Mrs. Rodger. “Portage Atlantic is proud to stand with community partners to reinforce the importance of working together to address youth addiction”.